Office of Safety, Health & Environment

An integrated IT system for managing
Campus Safety and Health


  1. We are pleased to announce that EHS360 System will be having a new user interface and experience with effect from 21 September 2021.
  2. The new interface will provide:
  3. a. A more user-friendly navigation access the various modules and functions.
    b. A new dashboard with customizable cards/widgets (Refer to FAQ on how to use this dashboard feature).
  4. There will be no changes to all existing features and services,  such user access control, location of documents etc.

1. Introduction

NUS activities and workplaces, in particular laboratories and workshops are subject to a number of regulations such as the Workplace Safety & Health Act, Radiation Protection Act, Biological Agents and Toxins Act, etc. These regulations require NUS staff and students to conduct risk assessments, undergo relevant training, obtain licenses and permits, conduct inspections/audits and obtain approvals from OSHE.

To assist NUS staff and students to better manage the administrative tasks involved in these processes needed for safety and health compliance, an online, integrated system known as EHS360 has been developed. EHS360 is comprised of sub-modules dedicated to serving different functions such as training management, document management etc.

The different modules and their relevant functions are detailed in the diagram below.

Key benefits of EHS360:

  1. Online central depository for all safety and health related documents to facilitate quick and easy access to documents
  2. Reduction in manual processes; for example, manual submission of audit documents etc.
  3. Automated system for sending of reminders to attend refresher trainings, renewal of licenses etc.

2. Modules

Workplace Safety and Health Information Registry (WSHIR)

WSHIR is a central depository of all safety and health related documents. The module supports a safety and health management system approach that will help stakeholders mitigate risks, satisfy compliance requirements and track safety and health performance. WSHIR will help key safety and health appointees (e.g. safety coordinators and safety leads) to manage and update safety and health information such as licenses, risk assessments, safe work procedures, hazardous materials inventory list, audit/inspection reports etc. The system can also be used for risk profiling of workspace(s), hazard communications and generation of reports for monitoring safety and health performance.

Accident and Incident Management System (AIMS)

AIMS is a platform for the management of accident and incident reporting, investigation and monitoring. It allows online reporting of incidents by NUS staff and students and facilitates follow-up by the investigating officer. Information captured is used in the identification of root cause(s) of incidents, tracking of corrective and preventive measures. The system can also generate reports for trend analysis.

More information and details about AIMS are available here.

Training Management

Key features of the Training Management module:

  1. Assign relevant safety and health training courses for each group member
  2. Send email notifications and reminders to attend relevant trainings
  3. Generate e-certificates within 24 hours
  4. Dashboard for staff and student s to view the status of their completion of the safety and health trainings
  5. Generate training reports for management review

Service Request

The service request module is a central platform for processing requests pertaining to OSHE services and the EHS360 system. Requesters can submit service requests to OSHE via the following forms:

  1. General Safety and Services Form
    1. Request for changes to:
      1. WSHIR record (eg. add or delete WSHIR records)
      2. Safety & Health role in WSHIR (eg. change from lab member to safety lead), and
      3. AIMS access (eg. access to incident records and approval rights)
    2. Request for Training eNotification to be resent to user
    3. Request for Ergonomics Assessment
  2. Industrial Hygiene Request Form
    Request to conduct air sampling, noise monitoring, indoor air quality and illumination measurement.
  3. Eye Protection Exemption Declaration
    Declaration to OSHE that the laboratory/workshop fulfils the eye protection exemption criteria
  4. Radiation Waste Disposal Form
    Request to dispose waste tainted with low-radioactivity unsealed sources

Events Safety Management System

Events Safety Management System (ESM) is a platform where staff and students can submit their safety management plans for their local or overseas events / activities; apply for Temporary Change of Use Permit Online Application (TPA) as well as arranging a face-to-face consultation appointment with OSHE for any safety matters or discussion to review safety plans.

Safety consultation and TPA approval applications are to be made online at least 14 days before the commencement of the event / activity. Late submission and/or submitting incorrect or inaccurate information will delay the whole consultation or approval process.

Institutional Approvals

The EHS360 Institutional Approvals module is a central platform for processing requests that require institutional approvals. Currently, the available sub-modules are applications pertaining to (i) Genetic Modifications Advisory Committee (GMAC) proposals and (ii) Registration of Risk Group 2 veterinary biologics under the NUS institutional Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics (LPVB). Key features are detailed below:

  1. GMAC Form (Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) proposal form)
    1. Submit the following:
      1. Proposal form for assessment of genetic manipulation work
      2. Proposal form for extension of GMAC endorsement
      3. Amendments to approved GMAC proposal forms
    2. Receive notification on approval of submitted proposals by Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and endorsements/notifications by GMAC
    3. Retrieve IBC-approved forms and GMAC endorsements/notifications
    4. Receive notification on expiring GMAC endorsements that have been previously approved

  2. LPVB Reg Form (Registration form for Risk Group 2 veterinary biologics under the NUS institutional Licence to Possess Veterinary Biologics)
    1. Submit request to register Risk Group 2 veterinary biologics under the NUS institutional License  to Possess Veterinary Biologics:
    2. Receive notification when the request is approved
    3. Retrieve Approval Letter


3. User Guides

Module Download link
Workplace Safety and Health Information Registry WSHIR User Guide
Enhancements to WSHIR Licence/Permit/Waiver Section (w.e.f. 10 Aug 18) *NEW Enhancement Information
Accident and Incident Management System Refer to AIMS info page
Training Management Training Management User Guide
Training Management Workshop (slides) Training Management Workshop Presentation Slides
Training Management Workshop (w/ audio) Training Management Workshop Presentation Slides (Audio)
Service Request Service Request User Guide
Institutional Approvals Institutional Approvals User Guide

4. FAQs

Workplace Safety and Health Information Registry FAQ
Accident and Incident Management System FAQ
Training Management FAQ
Institutional Approvals FAQ

5. Support

If you encounter any technical issues or require assistance, please contact We will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible.