Office of Safety, Health & Environment

Accident and Incident Management System (AIMS)


The Accident and Incident Management System, is an online platform for the reporting of safety and health incidents on campus and the subsequent management of investigation reports and follow up actions.

The AIMS module in EHS 360 is an integrated system that allows for:

  1. Incidents, near-misses and unsafe acts/conditions to be reported centrally in the University
  2. Management of investigations and follow-up by respective departments-in-charge
  3. Tracking of corrective and preventive actions
  4. Monitoring of statistics and trends for identification of possible intervention and prevention programmes


  1. All safety & health related accidents/incidents (within and outside campus) are required to be reported centrally to ORMC.
  2. To report an incident, select 'Launch AIMS' below.
  3. Near misses and safety concerns (unsafe conditions or unsafe acts) should also be reported to ORMC.
  4. Reporting person need not be the Principal Investigator, Manager or Head of Department.
  5. Reporting must be done to ORMC within 24 hours for all accidents/incidents, except for fatality.
  6. For any cases involving fatality, please call Campus Security at 6874 1616 immediately.
  7. WSH (Incident Reporting) Amendment Regulations 2020 requires work-related accident involving employee who is granted medical leave or light duties to be reported to MOM.
    Please notify ORMC on any update to the medical leave given for the incident reported via email with the following details:
    • Incident Reference number
    • No. of medical leave given at 1st consultation
    • Total medical leave given to date
  8. All reporting to regulators will be carried out by ORMC.
  9. For matters related to medical claims, please refer to the medical claims section below.


To report an incident, near-miss or safety concern using your NUSNET account
We encourage named reporting in order for a more effective follow-up by the respective departments-in-charge.
To report a safety concern anonymously, click here.
Launch AIMS
NUS Accident / Incident Reporting and Investigation Standard View standard
Quick Guide - Accident and Incident Investigation for Level 1 Incidents Quick Guide
User Guide for AIMS User Guide for Informants
User Guide for Investigators
User Guide for Approvers
User Guide Action Owners and Assignees
Communication Slides Update on AIMS launch

Medical Claims

For claim matters and questions on claims, please refer to the following procedures and contact the respective NUS departments-in-charge.

Type of Medical Claim NUS Department-in-charge Procedure
Staff medical claims related to work injuries
Office of Human Resources Procedure for Work Injury Compensation Claims
Student medical claims
University Health Centre Procedure for Student Insurance Claims


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