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Graduate Admission System (GDA2)

For New Applicant

Please refer to the instructions from the Faculty/School with which you are applying before you proceed to apply online.
1. If you have applied for any programme(s) in the past, please Sign In with your existing email address.
2. If you forget the login password, please Reset Your Password.


1. This is property of NUS and for authorised users only. You should only be accessing or using this system if you have a legitimate need to do so. Users of this system will have all of their activities on this system monitored and recorded by our IT personnel. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and you are advised that if such monitoring discloses to us activity that we consider to criminal or a misuse of our IT system, we will report such activity to the relevant authorities or take such necessary legal action against you as may be warranted in the circumstances.

2. It is mandatory for candidates to complete and submit the online applications personally.

3. The University has not engaged any external agencies to undertake graduate student recruitment on its behalf. Candidates interested in our graduate programmes are advised to apply directly to the University and not through any agents. Candidates who apply through agents will not have any added advantage in gaining admission and the University reserves the right to reject such applications without giving reasons.

Browser Compatibility Issues
Please refrain from using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for the time being. The system is being upgraded for IE11 compatibility.

We recommend that you use the following browsers:
1) Internet Explorer 9, 10
2) Firefox 31.0 and below,
3) Chrome 36.0 and below,
4) Safari 7.0 and below

  • Modes of Online Payment
For overseas online payment, please refrain from using debit cards as these may sometimes be blocked by the bank.

  • "Processing" status for online payment
For applicants who encounter this status after online payment attempt, please try again (if needed) after 6 hours.