Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Special Clinical Electives Programme

Posting Opportunities

NUH ANAESTHESIAFebruary to June 

Recommended posting 
period: 4 weeks  

Maximum posting 
period: 6 weeks 

Minimum posting 
period: 2 weeks 

Not more than 2 
students at any one time 
Conduct of Anaesthesia 
Perioperative Medicine 
Acute Resuscitation 
Critical Care 
Pain Management 
Learning of Important Clinical Skills 
NUH CARDIOLOGYJanuary to December 
History Taking and 
Interview Techniques Physical 

Clinical Problem Solving  

Effective Communication with 
Patients & Relatives 

Management and Treatment 
Approaches  Research 

Maximum posting 
period: 4 weeks
Clinical Problem Solving Research  
The aim of the radiology elective program is to 
provide an introduction to the fundamentals of 
diagnostic radiology and an overview of the 
breadth of diagnostic  imaging. At the end of 
the elective posting period the student will 
be able to:‐  

1. Have a general idea on the role of radiology 
in clinical practice.  

2. Develop an appreciation of the complexity of 
diagnostic imaging including an  understanding 
of the types of studies which are available and 
the information they can  provide.  

3. Gain an understanding of the clinical 
indications  for obtaining studies, the relative
risk/benefit of radiologic procedures and the 
basic technical aspects of how examinations
are performed.  

4. Gain insight into the diagnostic limitations 
of imaging studies and how these  parameters 
affect patient care.  

5. Learn the radiological presentation of 
common problems on plain films of the chest, 
abdomen and extremities, to view these test 
findings in conjunction with the patient’s
history and physical exam in order to come 
to a meaningful diagnosis.  

6. To understand clearly the meaning of reports
on the more advanced technologies such as 
Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and
Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 

January to February 

July to November 

Requests for postings 

outside stipulated 

dates will be on a 

case-by-case basis, 

as and when timing

is appropriate to 

departmental activities 

Not more than 3 students

for each period above

Exposure to case mix of general medicine and 
chosen subspecialty (neurology,  rheumatology, 
endocrinology, renal, etc)  Participation and 
contribution in daily rounds and clinics  

Honing of fundamental clinical competencies 
(history and examination)  Results 
interpretation and clinical reasoning  

Management and Treatment Approaches  

Research (will need to be organized with a 
named research supervisor at least 3 months
in advance) 
NUH OPHTHALMOLOGYLast two weeks of Jan to 1st two weeks of July  
Clinical Elective:  History Taking and 
Interview Techniques  

Physical Examination  

Clinical Problem Solving  

Effective Communication with 
Patients & Relatives  

Management and Treatment Approaches  

Fundoscopy & Slit Lamp usage    

Research Elective is based on project 
and PI (supervisor availability). 
This elective is designed to meet the  
educational needs in ophthalmic  

clinical research through study design, 
protocol  development, comprehensive data
 management, statistical analysis, 
interpretation of  data and to publishing 
of research paper. 

Kindly contact  department coordinator 
for  availability prior to application   

* Not more than 2 students at any one time 
(not accepting students
in the  month of March)  

Not more than 1 
student at any one time  
History Taking and Interview Techniques 

Physical Examination  

Clinical Problem Solving 

Effective Communication with Patients 
& Relatives 

Management and Treatment 
Approaches Research 

Posting period: 2 weeks 
for  Overseas Elective 

Not more than 2 students
at any one time
(subject to tutor’s 
History Taking and Examination Techniques  

Management and Treatment Approaches  

Students will be attached to various consultants 
in various subspecialties in ENT. 
They  will be guided on the approach to 
many common ENT conditions. Students will 
also be  attached to the operating room to 
observe some common ENT operations

From Jan to December

Minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 1 month

The student joining the multi-disciplinary palliative team in its main activities that include (but are not limited to):

Answering requests from hospital teams for palliative consults;

  • Ongoing follow-up of inpatients;

  • Conducting family meetings;

  • Seeing patients at the Palliative Clinic;

  • Weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings.

NUH PATHOLOGYEach elective application 
to  coincide with a 2 
week posting  embedded 
with local student group 
(please see below) 

One student per posting
Clinicopathological Correlation  

Appreciation of Role of Pathology in 
Clinical Practice Functions of 
Histopathology & Cytopathology Laboratory  
NUH PREVENTIVE MEDICINE (Saw Swee Hock School Of Public Health)September and October 

Maximum posting 
period: 2 weeks

Minimum 2 and maximum 
4  students at a time

* Provide details on your interest and objectives for your application when you request is forwarded to Department for consideration.
History Taking and Interview Techniques for 
practice of occupational medicine  

Clinical Problem Solving in relation to 
diagnosis of work-related diseases and 
fitness for  work  

Management and Treatment Approaches for 
work‐related diseases  

Risk assessment for workplace visits  

Operational research for workplace safety,
health and wellbeing services 

Limit to 2 students 
per posting
1) General Adult Psychiatry 
2) Old Age Psychiatry 
3) Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 
4) Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 
5) Research – Meta‐Analysis 
NUH SURGERYJanuary – December 

Minimum posting 
period: 2 weeks  

Maximum posting 
period: 12 weeks 

1) Exposure to the surgical department
of NUHS in the areas of patient care,
surgical experience in the operating
room and research activities.    

2) Establish networking relations
with local students and faculty.    

3) Allow an opportunity for students to
understand the NUHS residency program
with a  view to apply for residency positions.