Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Special Clinical Electives Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not a medical student; can I still apply for elective posting?

No, applicant must be a bona fide student of a medical school and already in their clinical years.

2. What is the minimum and maximum posting period?

The minimum and maximum total posting periods are 2 weeks and 12 weeks respectively. Postings are counted in weeks, commencing on a Monday and ending on a Friday.

3. Can I do a research project?

Yes, you should email the Dean's Office at at least 2 months before the commencement of the elective attachment. Request is subject to the department's approval. Please indicate your name and application number.

4. Can I start the posting if I have not submitted all the required documents?

No, you are not allowed to proceed with the posting you did not submit all the required documents.

5. What are the accommodation options available?

For details on possible accommodation options, please go to NUS Hostel Admission Service

6. Who needs to pay for elective fees?

Students from Universities that have BEAs with NUSMed will continue to enjoy a waiver of elective fees. NUS Medicine has been working to expand the network of Universities for clinical elective placements for our own students.

The elective fee for foreign students has been reduced to $449.40 per week. This amount was derived based on fees payable by local Singaporean / PR students, instead of basing it on fees payable by foreign students.

Singaporeans / PRs are not required to pay any elective fee.

7. Is application fee the same for Singaporeans / PRs and foreigners?

The application fee is the same for all students, at S$150 per application.

8. How do I make payment for the Application Fees / Electives Fees?

Payments can only be made via credit card, cheque or bank draft. Cash or telegraphic transfer is not acceptable. Cheque or bank draft must be made payable to 'NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE'. Please check with local banks and/or post office for assistance with bank drafts. Please ensure that your name and application number is written clearly on the back of the cheque / bank draft.

9. Can I draw the cheque in foreign currency?

No, the amount must be drawn only in Singapore dollars (nett of all bank charges).

10. Can I make changes to the application submitted?

Request for change in discipline / department / hospital of postings will NOT be accepted after the application has been processed by the hospitals. Please submit a fresh application together with the application fee.

For changes in posting date (for any confirmed posting), applicants will be charged a non-refundable administrative fee of S$53.50 for each change request even if the department is unable to accommodate the change of dates. Please take note changes are subject to the availability of vacancies and supervision, and the Dean's approval.

11. Are there tuition fees payable?

No, there are no other tuition fees involved. Only application fees and elective fee (if applicable) are payable.

12. If my medical school does not have an exchange agreement with NUSMed, can we establish one?

NUSMed welcomes interest to establish a bilateral exchange agreement. Interested institutions may send in their request to the email address: .

13. What information should be indicated in the Letter of Good Standing (LoGS) / Letter confirming student status?

The letter should have the following statement:

The applicant is a registered undergraduate medical student of the applicant's University and will still be a registered undergraduate medical student of the applicant's University during the period of the elective attachment.

The applicant's proposed elective attachments are considered suitable.

14. Can I provide documentary proof of one dose of immunity to Rubella?

No, if you are unable to present documentary proof of 2 doses of immunization, you will have to undergo a 2nd immunization or screening. For students who are tested negative for immunity, you will have to take 2 doses of immunisation.

15. Where can I purchase the Professional Indemnity Insurance/Malpractice Insurance?

Some students are covered by their parent University but for those who are not, they have to purchase from their local insurance companies.

If you are having difficulty getting the Professional Indemnity Insurance, you may approach the Medical Protection Society, Singapore: https://www.medicalprotection.org/singapore.

Joining MPS as a medical student is easy and it is free. For more information and assistance, please kindly contact Ms Margaret Chan. Her details are as follows:

Ms Margaret Chan
Singapore Medical Association
2 College Road
Level 2 Alumni Medical Centre
Singapore 169850

Toll free: 0800 601 1060
Tel: 6223 1264
Fax: 6224 7827

16. What are the details stated on the Letter of Completion?

Apart from the student's name and name of Parent University, the details include:

a) name of posting department
b) name of teaching hospital
c) posting period
d) posting objectives
e) medium of instruction / language used (English)
f) School of Medicine official endorsement

17. Can I obtain hardcopy of the acceptance letter?

A copy of the acceptance letter is available for print here

Please login with your student application number and password.

18. Can I submit the application if I am in pre-clinical years?

No, postings under our Special Clinical Electives Programme are open to applicants who are bona fide students of a medical school and already in their clinical years.

If you may wish to consider a hospital attachment at the National University Hospital which allows you to shadow/observe the doctors at work, please kindly contact Ms Jenny Tao directly at email: .

For any other restructured hospitals in Singapore, please kindly contact the hospital directly.

19. Where do I report on the first day of my posting?

The reporting details on the first day are as follows:

Time: 9am
Venue: Dean’s Office, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore
Level 11, NUHS Tower Block, 1E Kent Ridge Road,
Singapore 119228 (Click
here to view directory)

Please kindly look for Ms Hazwani.

Do kindly remember to bring along your passport/Singapore IC and white coat.

The dress code is formal. Tie is optional (depending on the department). We would suggest that you wear a tie on the first day, and enquire at the department on the need for the tie during the rest of their posting.

20. Where can I buy a white coat in Singapore?

You may purchase it from NUS Co-op. The nearest one would be NUS CO-OP@LT27.