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Petroleum & Flammable Material Storage Requirements in NUS

1 Introduction

Under the Fire Safety Act and Fire Safety (Petroleum & Flammables Materials, P&FM) Regulations 2005; SCDF regulates import, transport and storage of P&FM. Anyone who intends to import, transport or store P&FM is required to obtain a licence from SCDF. Kindly refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the chemical or gas to determine if it is flammable. Most SDS will identify if the chemical or gas has a flammable property.

2 P&FM Licensing Requirements in NUS
As the current infrastructure and laboratory design in NUS are unable to be in compliance with P&FM Regulations and after a series of consultation with SCDF, NUS has been granted P&FM license waiver and extension of grace period until 31 Dec 2017 by SCDF to comply with the regulation.

Letter from SCDF for extension of grace period until 31 Dec 2017 can be found here.

Please use the above letter when making purchases of flammable materials and gases.

Whilst the new standard and license waiver extension allow NUS laboratories to use and store more flexible volumes of P&FM, it is advisable that departments should minimize purchase and storage of P&FM, wherever possible and ensure the quantity of P&FM is always maintained within the permissible limit - Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ).

The storage limits of P&FM in NUS laboratories can be found here.

3 What NUS researchers need to do?

To ensure NUS adhere to the conditions stipulated in P&FM license waiver, all laboratories are required to declare quantity of P&FM stored in individual laboratory annually. Please submit the declaration form to your respective Safety & Health Officers . At the end of each year, OSHE would conduct periodic P&FM inspection in the laboratories to verify that P&FM storage is kept within the MAQ.


The PFM Compliance Checklist can be found here listing

Flowchart for Petroleum & Flammable Materials Storage in NUS

The PFM Declaration Form can be found here listing

4 Useful References

Guide Book on Application for Petroleum & FM Licence by SCDF