Office of Safety, Health & Environment

Research Safety Compliance Form Submission

1. Introduction
  The Workplace Safety and Health Act (Risk Management) Regulations, enforced by the Ministry of Manpower require, all principal investigators (PIs) and academic laboratory supervisors to develop and implement a safety management system for their lab-based or/and field research activities.

PIs (not certified under the Laboratory OHS certification scheme) who are starting new research grants are required to conduct risk assessment to identify the safety and health risks associated with the project and then update/forward to OSHE for review and final approval by Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee (ILSC) or Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). IBC approves life science related research projects and ILSC approves non-life science related projects.

PIs awarded certification to the Laboratory OHS certification scheme need not submit individual project risk assessments for new grant-based projects. However, PIs must notify OSHE of new projects and submit the Lab certification form to apply for the release of funds for the new projects. If their project involves animal work and/or the use of regulated agents, they would also need to submit additional forms.
2 Submission of new applications and subsequent amendments
With effect from 20 November 2012, all new forms related to research grant safety approval and subsequent amendments must be done online through the Integrated Online Research Compliance (iORC) system. Hard copy submissions with signatures of PI and HODs will no longer be required. Details on how to use iORC system can be found here.
3 Submission of amendment to applications approved before launch of iORC
To make an amendment to OSHE application that was approved before the launch of iORC, submit the amendment form in hard copy to OSHE for review and approval. An amendment is necessary for any significant changes to protocol, practices, materials, personnel or environment including the use of animal work.

To download the amendment form form

For general enquiries, please contact Sania at ext. 1084 (

4 Integrated Online Research Compliance (iORC) system


iORC system is also accessible via the Staff & Student Portal

To access iORC from outside NUS, you need to login using NUS WEB VPN (

iORC application submission and approval process

6 Selection of forms
  iORC can be used for the following:

To obtain safety approval for research grants

listing For PIs certified under the lab OHS scheme - complete lab certification form
listing For PIs not certified under the lab OHS certification scheme - complete applicable risk assessment sections
To obtain approval for conducting
listing Animal research
listing Field research
listing Diving research
listing To make an amendment for an approved application submitted through iORC


For new submissions to be done using iORC



For Making an amendment




Declaration for non-laboratory based project and research work*

For non laboratory based research project, PIs would need to make the declaration that their research is non laboratory based to ODPRT when submitting the Grant Endorsement Form, this declaration is made when completing the grant acceptance forms, a copy of which can be viewed at

In addition, OSHE requires all laboratory supervisors and principal investigators undertaking non-laboratory based research and training activities to make a one-time notification to OSHE. This notification is done by completing OSHE's online declaration form.

* Please note that Non-laboratory based activities refer to research and teaching projects/tasks which are purely deskbound, e.g. involving the use of computers only.

8 Roadshow slides and FAQ on iORC