Office of Safety, Health & Environment

NUS Chemical Safety Programme

NUS is committed to a high standard of chemical safety in its laboratories and will make all reasonable efforts to adopt laboratory best practices to protect the safety and health of the University staff, students and visitors on campus from the hazards associated with the use, storage and disposal of chemicals.

The Office of Safety, Health and Environment (OSHE) is the general administrator of this programme by providing policies, standards and guidelines with regards to chemical use, storage and disposal.

Please contact the following personnel pertaining to the NUS Chemical Safety Programme:

Department Types of enquiries: Contact Person
Office of Safety, Health & Environment (OSHE)

1. Enquiries on Chemical Safety Programme

2. Enquiries on Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Mr Joel Swee
Senior Safety & Health Manager
Telephone: 6516 5725

Ms Tan Chuen Hui
Associate Director
Telephone: 6601 5052
The Occupational and Diving Medicine Centre (Occupational Health Clinic), University Health Centre

1. Enquiries on Statutory Medical Examination

2. Enquiries on respiratory mask fit testing

OH Nurse
Telephone: 6516 7333

Ms Goh Sha Wee
Telephone: 6601 1781

Dr Gregory Chan
Senior OH Physician
Telephone: 6516 5969

For more information of NUS Chemical Safety Programme, please refer to the following:

NUS requirements on the procurement, use, storage, disposal of chemicals
Chemical Safety Manual Web link
Chemical database to check if chemicals are regulated under local legislations
Online Regulated Chemical Identifier (ORMI) Web link
Prior to the use of chemicals in laboratory, chemical users are required to conduct semi-quantitative risk assessment (SQRA)
Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment (SQRA) Web link
Chemical users to undergo Statutory Medical Examination for compound listed under the regulations
Occupational Health Programme
- Statutory Medical Examination Requirements in NUS
Web link
1. Online declaration for the use of chemicals listed under the Chemical Weapons (Prohibited) Act Web link (Log in then select OLAS > NACWC)
2. Chemical Weapon log sheet Web link
3. Request for disposal of chemicals listed under Chemical Weapons (Prohibited) Act Web link
4. Request for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Web link
5. EP storage location review and approval Web link
1. Explosive Precursors Suppliers Register Web link
2. EPA Chemical Compatibility Chart Web link
3. Chemical Reactivity worksheet Web link
4. Chemical Material compatibility chart (e.g. Plastic bottles) Web link
5. FAQ on the Standardisation of appointment of licence holders for hazardous materials (Explosive Precursors and Hazardous Substances) Web link
6. Quick Guide on Safe Handling of Cytotoxic and other Hazardous Drugs Web link
7. Quick Guide on Safe Handling of Engineered Nanomaterials Web link
8. Compressed gas safety awareness training
(Reference training material provided by Seven National Universities Safety and Health Management Committee, Japan)
Web link


Q1: Where can I check if the chemicals I want to procure requires any licence or permit?
Ans: You will need to log in to Online Regulated Material Identifier (ORMI) and type in the chemical name. ORMI will provide information on licence/permit requirements.

Q2: What should I do if SQRA states that industrial hygiene monitoring is required?
Ans: You will need to fill up the “Request for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring” form and inform your Faculty Safety and Health Officer.

Q3: Who are the approved vendors that can collect laboratory chemical waste?
Ans: You may selected a vendor from NEA list of approved vendors.

Q4: What should I do if I want to purchase Explosive Precursors?
Ans: Under the Arms and Explosives (Explosive Precursors) Rules 2007, EP shall only be purchased from a person who holds a licence to deal with these materials. OSHE has established and will maintain a register of Explosive Precursors suppliers with the valid licences on its website and Online Regulated Material Identifier (ORMI). Anyone who wants to procure EP should check against this list prior to the purchase. In the event of an EP vendor/supplier not being on the register, please furnish OSHE with the information for updating the register.