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Faculty of Science
*NUS Science Merit Scholarship Endowed
To raise funds for Science Scholarship.
Alfred & Lucy Wan Science Merit Scholarship EF
This named scholarship honours two former Heads of the Pharmacy Department namely, Professors Alfred and Lucy Wan, for their contributions made in Pharmacy education, science and technology. The scholarship aims to provide one full term scholarship for a Singaporean undergraduate student major in Pharmacy. The selection of the winner of the scholarship will be based on student's scholastic merits.
Chemistry Alumni Fund Endowed
Inspired by several Chemistry alumni members, the Chemistry Alumni Fund was setup in 2015, with the objective to encourage deserving bursary students to do their best and further excel. The fund will be used to enhance student teaching and learning, support their study, overseas experiential learning, research exposure, etc.
Covid Pharmily United Fund
Championed by a pharmacy alumnus, the Fund is set up with the objective of supporting needy Pharmacy students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so as to ensure their education remains undisrupted.
Faculty of Science General Purpose Fund
Faculty of Science General Purpose Fund
Food Science & Technology Fund
The FST Education fund was set-up in year 2001 in the objectives to provide support for education advancement and learning facilities. It is mainly to encourage or enhance academic excellence and for all rounded character development. Besides, this is also provide an avenue especially to financial challenged students to continue their fullest potential. Example of supports such as best project prize, outstanding all rounded students, leadership awards, support for immersion programme , conferences, workshops, learning facilities support etc.
FST Alumni Donation Fund
FST Alumni Donation Fund was established by the Food Science and Technology (FST) alumni in 2005 to pay tribute to the first Programme Director Assoc Professor Philip J Barlow. The fund is mainly use for student bursary, character development or student prizes such as PJ Barlow Book Prize etc.
FST Alumni Fund (EF)
FST and its alumni have fundraised a Bursary Endowment Fund in 2019 with the aim to support financially challenged students and motivate them to continue to excel in learning despite underprivileged. This financial aid can be a supplement to those needy when their existing bursary package is insufficient or due to certain ineligibility.
ICZN Secretariat Endowment Fund
For over a century, the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) has been responsible for maintaining stability in animal names, the common currency for the exchange of ideas in the life sciences. Through the ICZN Secretariat Endowment Fund at LKCNHM, your donation will safeguard its future.
Jubilee Whale Fund
Make the Jubilee Whale for Singapore possible! Contributions will go towards preparation, restoration, mounting, exhibition, and maintenance of the whale. And to increase environmental awareness by supporting associated education, research, conservation and other activities. If the total gifts received exceed the project cost, the balance will be added to the LKCNHM Endowment Fund which will provide the Museum with a sustainable resource.
Kiang Ai Kim Endowment Fund
The Kiang Ai Kim Endowment Fund has been established in NUS to honour Professor Kiang Ai Kim’s contributions to the Chemistry Department as well as to the progress of Chemistry in Singapore and the region. The objectives of the Fund are: - Award scholarships and book prizes to encourage outstanding students to read Chemistry at the University - Recognize deserving Chemistry undergraduates - Develop faculty, staff and students' contributions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and life sciences in line with Professor Kiang’s work.
LKCNHM Endowment Fund
Your gift will enable us to build a sustainable resource for the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, and it will help to shape its future.
LKCNHM Exhibits Fund
Your gift will help create, curate and maintain exhibits on Earth's myriad life forms, from the earliest living cells, to the pinnacle of giant prehistoric animals, and to the treasured Southeast Asian natural heritage of today. We look forward to your continual support to help create a world-class educational gallery for visitors of all ages!
Pharmacy 110th Anniversary Endowed Bursary Fund
This is the first endowed fund contributed by pharmacy alumni, staff, students to provide a sustainable source of bursaries to support our financially needy students. It aims to mark our 110 years of stellar achievements in pharmacy education in a meaningful way and renews our commitment to provide a transformative and fulfilling educational experience to our students.
PJ Barlow Book Prize
PJ Barlow Book Prize was established by the Food Science and Technology (FST) alumni in 2005 to pay tribute to the first Programme Director. Two awards will be awarded annually – one to the neediest student and another to the student with the best academic performance.
Science Strategic Development Fund
Science Strategic Development Fund provides the Faculty with resources to undertake projects that bring unique and long term benefits to the Faculty. This Fund allows us to do the following: - improve the Faculty’s infrastructure and facilities, for the enhancement of student learning and teaching - spearhead emerging and important areas of scientific research that fall outside regular funding agency focus areas; - facilitate eminent professors, researchers and visiting scientists in their much needed and value-added contributions to NUS and our Faculty - provide scholarships and support for outstanding students - support strategic areas of importance for the development and advancement of the Faculty.
Science Student Fund
Make a gift to support Faculty of Science students who suddenly find themselves in financial difficulty. The Science Student Fund provides bursaries and emergency financial aid.
Science Student Overseas Exposure Endowed Fund
To support students on overseas programmes such as exchange programmes, summer programmes, overseas internship and overseas community volunteer programmes.
SPS Fund
To support students' activities and provide bursary for students under the Special Programme in Science (SPS).
Tan Sau Fun Bursary
Professor Tan Sau Fun passed away peacefully at the age of 80, on 28 February 2011. The Faculty of Science and Department of Chemistry have established an endowed Bursary in honour and in memory of her life and contributions to Science and Chemistry. This would indeed be a fitting way to exemplify and amplify her very significant contributions to the education and welfare of our undergrads. This Bursary will support needy Chemistry students with annual bursaries of $4,500 each.