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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
*FASS Alumni Bursary Endowed Fund
This Bursary fund will benefit financially challenged FASS students, enabling them to pursue their studies and develop to their full potential regardless of financial background. Your contribution will make a significant difference not just to the lives of these students but also their families. FASS' Distinguished Alumni Mr Herman Hochstadt '58, Mr S. Dhanabalan '60 and Mr Abdullah Tarmugi '69 are patrons of the fund.
*FASS Dean's Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
*FASS Graduate Students HELP Fund
An initiative of the Faculty’s Lee Kong Chian graduate scholars, the FASS Graduate Students HELP Fund, (previously known as the FASS Graduate Student Emergency Fund) was founded in 2012. The current cohort of Lee Kong Chian scholars is once again spearheading a concerted effort in 2016 to raise more funds and awareness about the Fund and its purpose.
*FASS Research Advancement Fund
FASS Research Advancement Fund
*FASS Student Advancement Fund (EF)
In conjunction with our 90th anniversary dinner, the FASS Student Advancement Fund is established to provide financial assistance to financially needy students not eligible for NUS bursaries. The aim is to enable them to participate in NUS educational opportunities outside of the classroom such as student exchanges, overseas study trips and field excursions, or for emergency financial assistance.
*FASStrack Asia Advancement Bursary Fund
The FASStrack Asia Advancement Bursary Fund is set up In commemoration of the Launch of AS8, the newest building on NUS Kent Ridge campus designated as the hub of Asia teaching and research in FASS. The Fund will provide bursary awards to ensure some of our most financially needy students also get to experience more fully the NUS Education that is available today. In particular, the opportunity to experience the FASStrack Asia Summer School programme, where some modules include an overseas experiential learning stint of up to 9 days In Asia; that they otherwise would not have the financial means to gain access. All donors will be accorded web acknowledgement at; unless anonymity is preferred.
Central Sikh Gurdwara Board Visiting Professorship in Sikh Studies (EF)
The Visiting Professorship will enable the Faculty to appoint leading humanities and social science scholars who have demonstrated excellence in the study of the Sikh traditions, the region of the Punjab, and Sikh and Punjabi communities settled globally. The appointed candidate will assume stewardship for enhancing research and teaching in the field of Sikh Studies from a multicultural and global perspective.
CFPR Development Fund
Make a gift to support the Centre for Family and Population Research, which is a research centre dedicated to the scientific advancement of research and training in the study of trends, determinants and consequences of family and population changes, particularly in Asia. Your gift will be channeled towards areas where the need is greatest OR where resources are needed most.
Geography Development Fund
Ranked among the world's top 10, the NUS Department of Geography aims to stay at the forefront of education and research, and impact key areas of tropical environmental change, social and cultural geography, and political and economic geography. This fund helps the Department maintain its global stature by supporting student advancement, research and facilities development, and public outreach.
History Development Fund
This fund helps to support student advancement at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and provide students with opportunities to participate in enrichment activities.
NUS Economics Alumni Endowed Bursary
The NUS Economics Alumni Endowed Bursary Fund provides bursaries to students who major in Economics and assessed by NUS administrators to be needy. Your gifts will enable us to help students to develop to their full potential and not be disadvantaged by their financial situation.
NUS Economics Alumni Fund
The NUS Economics Alumni does not collect subscription fees from its members and relies solely on donations to fund its operations and progammes. Your gifts will enable us to work towards creating increased opportunities for meaningful engagements with our alumni community.
NUS Sociology Alumni Bursary Fund (initiated by Pioneer Class of '69)
The Sociology Pioneer Class of ’69 initiated and established a bursary fund in 2014, to commemorate their 45th anniversary of graduation. The Fund has been relaunched as the NUS Sociology Alumni Bursary Fund in March 2016, to commemorate the Department’s 50th Anniversary. Going forward, the NUS Sociology Alumni Bursary Fund will award at least 2 bursaries annually, in benefit of needy students who major in Sociology.
Ong Chit Chung Memorial Scholarship Fund (Endowed)
Honour the memory of Dr Ong Chit Chung, an exemplary FASS alumnus and former lecturer, by making a gift to support bright undergraduate students at the Faculty.
Social Incubator Programme (EF)
Taking the lead in social enterprise efforts and innovation, FASS' Social Incubator Programme (SIP) is a platform for students (with faculty oversight and advice) to work and co-develop social advancement and social entrepreneurship programmes. The fund acts as a micro-financing and social enterprise fund to which Singapore-registered Charities and students can apply. Founding donor, Normanton Park, hopes to encourage the public and other en blocs to contribute part of their en bloc proceeds to charity. Gifts from individuals and organisations are warmly welcomed.
Social Service Research Development Fund
Your donation to the Social Service Research Development Fund will enable SSR to be more responsive to research requests from non-profit social service organizations, in order to provide expert inputs to evidence-based practice; and capability development of social services.
Syed Hussein Alatas Memorial Lecture
In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the Department of Malay Studies has set up a fund and named it after a well-respected scholar, the late Dr Syed Hussein Alatas. The fund will be used to invite eminent scholars/leaders to deliver lectures that will contribute to deepening awareness of the Malays in the region as they confront the challenges of globalisation, change and social reconstruction. The Department welcomes support from its alumni, local organisations and interested philanthropists to ensure the sustainability of the lecture series.
Temporary Student Relief Fund (Sociology Department)
This fund will support Sociology graduate students who require financial assistance during this urgent current COVID 19 period to meet basic needs of day-to-day and/or housing expenses, procurement of writing implements and equipment for dissertation work, and funding support for tuition fees & fieldwork-related plans. Remaining funds will be used to help students facing emergencies in the future.
The Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund
The Ee Peng Liang Memorial Fund was set up in 2002 to honour the late Dr Ee Peng Liang, also known as ‘Mr Charity', for his selfless service to the community. The Fund awards bursaries and scholarships to students pursuing social work studies at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, as well as support professional social work research and training.
The Ee Peng Liang Social Impact Award
The goal of the award is to provide catalytic support for men and women with transformational solutions that address needed social challenges within the communities in Asia. The award will provide start-up stipends, professional services and connections to a global network across the business and social sectors, and a platform for people dedicated to changing Asia. It also helps them spread their innovations globally.