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*NUS Science Merit Scholarship Endowed
To raise funds for Science Scholarship.
Academic Medicine Education Institute Fund
This fund supports education enhancing programs in Academic Medicine which will allow continual enhancement and raise the standard in healthcare education.
Annual Giving Scholarships
Gifts go towards providing annual renewable scholarships for outstanding students in the University.
Class of 1986 Scholarship
The NUS Law Class of 1986 established a fund to provide scholarships to financially needy and academically meritorious NUS Law students.
College Endowment Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards the College’s endowment.
College International Scholarship Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will provide scholarships to international students at the College.
College President's Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards a programme where the need is most needed.
Duke-NUS Class Gift 2013 Fund
This fund provides financial assistance to talented Duke-NUS students who follow behind. To enable a continuing impact from the class gift, the Class Gift Fund is maintained as a perpetual, non-endowed fund so that the Duke-NUS Alumni can continue their annual tradition of giving back.
Eusoff Hall Scholarship
Eusoff Scholarship is awarded to bright and needy students with CAP score of 3.5. Eusoffians with CAP lower than 3.5 but with outstanding performance in Hall contributions and/or extremely dire financial situation may be considered for the scholarship on a case by case basis.
Faculty of Engineering General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
FASS Student Advancement Scholarship Fund
Offer bright and needy students the opportunity to develop their full potential and optimise their learning at the Faculty.
Kiang Ai Kim Endowment Fund
The Kiang Ai Kim Endowment Fund has been established in NUS to honour Professor Kiang Ai Kim’s contributions to the Chemistry Department as well as to the progress of Chemistry in Singapore and the region. The objectives of the Fund are: - Award scholarships and book prizes to encourage outstanding students to read Chemistry at the University - Recognize deserving Chemistry undergraduates - Develop faculty, staff and students' contributions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and life sciences in line with Professor Kiang’s work.
Kwa Geok Choo Scholarships
Your donation to the Kwa Geok Choo Scholarships helps NUS Law to identify and recognise and support highly talented students to pursue graduate studies at NUS Law.
LKYSPP Alumni Fund
The LKYSPP Fund will help to support student and alumni initiatives. By giving to this fund, you provide an important support for broadening their enrichment opportunities.
ME92 Scholarship (Endowed)
The Mechanical Engineering Class of 1992 established this endowed scholarship to support financially disadvantaged undergraduate with good academic results studying at the Department.
NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Endowment Fund (EF)
Set up by the NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni in 2017 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its founding, the new endowment fund will support Business School undergraduates with needs.
NUS Business Student Support Fund
General purpose fund in support of Bursaries, Scholarships and other student activities for business students.
NUS Department of Building Scholarship Endowed
An endowed scholarship fund to attract good students to the BSc (PFM) programme.
NUS Real Estate Scholarship Endowed
The NUS Real Estate Scholarship will be awarded to outstanding A-Level or equivalent students who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Science (Real Estate) programme. Your gift will help support these students in their pursuit of a quality education and fulfil their dream of a future in the world of real estate.
Ong Chit Chung Memorial Scholarship Fund (Endowed)
Honour the memory of Dr Ong Chit Chung, an exemplary FASS alumnus and former lecturer, by making a gift to support bright undergraduate students at the Faculty.
Science Strategic Development Fund
Science Strategic Development Fund provides the Faculty with resources to undertake projects that bring unique and long term benefits to the Faculty. This Fund allows us to do the following: - improve the Faculty’s infrastructure and facilities, for the enhancement of student learning and teaching - spearhead emerging and important areas of scientific research that fall outside regular funding agency focus areas; - facilitate eminent professors, researchers and visiting scientists in their much needed and value-added contributions to NUS and our Faculty - provide scholarships and support for outstanding students - support strategic areas of importance for the development and advancement of the Faculty.
Social Service Research Development Fund
Your donation to the Social Service Research Development Fund will enable SSR to be more responsive to research requests from non-profit social service organizations, in order to provide expert inputs to evidence-based practice; and capability development of social services.
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund (Donation)
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund donors help us build bursaries, scholarships as well as funds earmarked for other areas of financial aid for enabling talented, deserving undergraduates and postgraduates, based on merit and financial need, in their pursuit of public health knowledge and efforts to better serve the community
Steven Baxter Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Steven Baxter Memorial Scholarship and Prize Fund was established in memory of the founding director of the Conservatory, Dr Steven Baxter who passed away in July 2010. The ambition of this fund is to offer enhanced merit-based scholarships to students in the final two years of study, subject to selection criteria established by the designated scholarship committee. It is perceived that such a scholarship aligns well with Dr Baxter’s ambition for the Conservatory’s students to achieve international excellence in performance, composition or recording arts & science.
University Scholars Programme General Purpose Fund
The University Scholars Programme General Purpose Fund enables the USP Director to channel resources to where it is most needed.
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (NUSEF)
The Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Endowment Fund enables the Conservatory to offer fully supported places to its students, enabling it to attract students of the highest caliber.