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*FASS Dean's Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
*FASS Graduate Students HELP Fund
An initiative of the Faculty’s Lee Kong Chian graduate scholars, the FASS Graduate Students HELP Fund, (previously known as the FASS Graduate Student Emergency Fund) was founded in 2012. The current cohort of Lee Kong Chian scholars is once again spearheading a concerted effort in 2016 to raise more funds and awareness about the Fund and its purpose.
*FASS Student Advancement Fund (EF)
In conjunction with our 90th anniversary dinner, the FASS Student Advancement Fund is established to provide financial assistance to financially needy students not eligible for NUS bursaries. The aim is to enable them to participate in NUS educational opportunities outside of the classroom such as student exchanges, overseas study trips and field excursions, or for emergency financial assistance.
Action For Arts - Centre for the Arts
By making a gift to Action For Arts Fund, you help our students achieve their full potential and realise dreams. Donation received will go towards student development, maintaining the Studios where students can be trained and tutored, maintenance of performing Hall, Theatre and exhibition spaces for our students to perform and display their works. Your giving also supports merit-based arts excellence and encourages our students to be the best that they can be. Your gift will also enable us to continue bringing the arts to the student population and the community, by keeping ticket prices affordable. We run a regular calendar of concerts, dances, arts festivals, film screenings and literary events.
Ahmad Ibrahim Prize in Islamic Law
This fund was championed by the Muslim Law Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore to honour the memory of Professor Ahmad Ibrahim, who was Singapore’s first Attorney-General and who contributed significantly to the development of Islamic Law in Singapore. Your gift will enable the Faculty to establish this prize for the best student in the module Islamic Law.
Antibiotics Awareness Fund
The Antibiotics Awareness Fund was established in 2016 with the objective of furthering public education and raising the awareness of health professionals on the issues and risks of increasing antimicrobial resistance. Funds raised are channeled toward organising annual public education events like competitions for school-going children and polytechnic students, educational seminars and other events in both hospitals and the community.
Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Fund
Your contribution will be carefully invested to help us deliver ground-breaking research leading to better cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Funds will be channelled to important areas such as clinical trials, research technologies and our graduate program.
Chemical Engineering Development Fund
Chemical Engineering Development Fund
Chemistry Alumni Fund Endowed
Inspired by several Chemistry alumni members, the Chemistry Alumni Fund was setup in 2015, with the objective to encourage deserving bursary students to do their best and further excel. The fund will be used to enhance student teaching and learning, support their study, overseas experiential learning, research exposure, etc.
Chia Boon Lock Memorial Fund EF
This fund aims to honour the legacy of Emeritus Prof Chia Boon Lock, an outstanding teacher, mentor and respected member of the medical community. He is known as Singapore’s “Father of Cardiology” for his pioneering work in the field. The fund was set up by his peers, colleagues and ex-students to honour his passionately held beliefs about the practice of medicine and medical education.
Class of 1976 Engineering Overseas Learning Assistance Grant
This fund was established in 2018 by the Class of 1976 to enable financially needy students (Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents) to go on overseas exchange programmes, study trips or internships.
Class of 2017 Pro Bono Grant
Every year, the graduating class puts up a musical production to raise funds for charity. This year, in conjunction with NUS Law's 60th Anniversary, the Class of 2017 will channel all funds raised to constitute the Class of 2017 Pro Bono Award. Your donation to this fund will go towards setting up the Award, which aims to encourage our law students to serve the wider population through pro bono and other community service projects.
College Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards the College’s endowment.
College Financial Aid Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore's first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will provide financial aid to deserving but financially needy students at the College.
College International Opportunities Fund
Make a gift to support the Yale-NUS College International Opportunities Fund to help financially needy students going on international opportunities including spending a semester or summer in internationally renowned educational institutions as well as other meaningful international opportunities, such as language and cultural immersion programmes.
College Parents' Fund
Make a gift to support the Yale-NUS College Parents' Fund, that will provide immediate support for the College's highest priorities including financial aid as well as academic and student programmes.
College President's Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards a programme where the need is most needed.
Computing Alumni Assistance Award
Join the efforts of Computing alumni by making a gift to this Award, initiated by the Computer and Information Science Alumni Association (CISAA), to help financially needy SoC students defray study and living costs such as tuition fees and project expenses.
Computing Student Development Fund
Make a gift to enable more Computing undergraduate and graduate students to obtain professional qualifications and gain international exposure through overseas study trips and participation in academic conferences.
Counselling Support Fund
The Counselling Support Fund will help to augment counselling services and programmes at Yale-NUS College. Your gift will have a positive impact on the various counselling initiatives that are developed by the Counselling Centre.
Department of Pharmacology General Donation Fund
Pharmacology is a vital branch of medical science which studies how drugs work, and our department has been at the forefront of pharmacology education and research using cutting-edge platforms and technologies. Your donation will help us develop more effective teaching tools for medical, dental, nursing and other allied health students, as well as provide collaborative platforms to facilitate research and drug discovery.
DID General Purpose Donation
To aid students at Division of Industrial Design in the finance of their studies.
Duke-NUS Class Gift 2011
This fund provides financial assistance to talented Duke-NUS students who follow behind. To enable a continuing impact from the class gift, the Class Gift Fund is maintained as a perpetual, non-endowed fund so that the Duke-NUS Alumni can continue their annual tradition of giving back.
Duke-NUS Class Gift 2012
This fund provides financial assistance to talented Duke-NUS students who follow behind. To enable a continuing impact from the class gift, the Class Gift Fund is maintained as a perpetual, non-endowed fund so that the Duke-NUS Alumni can continue their annual tradition of giving back.
Duke-NUS Class Gift 2013 Fund
This fund provides financial assistance to talented Duke-NUS students who follow behind. To enable a continuing impact from the class gift, the Class Gift Fund is maintained as a perpetual, non-endowed fund so that the Duke-NUS Alumni can continue their annual tradition of giving back.
Duke-NUS Colleges & Student Society Help Fund
Every act of community service produces a ripple effect. Empower our students to serve the community and develop servant leadership skills.
Duke-NUS Doctors for Doctors
This enrichment fund allows clinicians to support young clinician-scientists in training, by helping with overseas attachments and conference expenses.
Duke-NUS Medical Alumni Fund
This fund supports the fund research and education activities of the Alumni.
E-Magna: A community initiative of the Institute for Engineering Leadership
The Institute for Engineering Leadership aims to cultivate a community with a common vision of creating & capturing value through engineering, tech & people. Called the E-Magna: Engineering Great community, it will connect like-minded talent to create value through opportunities for professional & personal development.
Elizabeth Ng Siew Kuan Memorial Endowed Fund
This Fund was set up to honour the late Associate Professor Elizabeth Ng Siew Kuan, an outstanding educator, scholar and friend who will be greatly missed. In her 31 years with the Faculty, she pioneered many of the IP courses now on offer and was deeply engaged with the profession locally and internationally. Your gift will enable the Faculty to establish a prize, bursary or scholarship in her memory.
Endowed Student Support Fund
The Fund was established in honour of Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, former NUS President and Yale-NUS Governing Board member. Professor Tan was instrumental in the founding of the College and oversaw its formation. Gifts to the fund will help support Yale-NUS students.
Endowed Student Support Fund in Honour of Prof Tan Chorh Chuan
This student support fund was established as a tribute to Professor Tan Chorh Chuan’s years of dedicated service to the University and to Singapore. The University will use the income generated from this endowed fund for the advancement of undergraduate education.
Engineering Student Development Fund
Your gift to the Engineering Student Development Fund will help unlock the full potential of every student by enabling them to take part in enhancement programmes – both local as well as overseas. Besides financial assistance, it will also provide additional source of support for other forms of student needs.
Eusoff Endowed Student Advancement Award
The Eusoff Endowed Student Advancement Award will allow the Hall more flexibility to help needy students cover hall accommodation and meal costs as well as provide additional allowance for study materials.
Faculty of Engineering General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
Geography Development Fund
Ranked among the world's top 10, the NUS Department of Geography aims to stay at the forefront of education and research, and impact key areas of tropical environmental change, social and cultural geography, and political and economic geography. This fund helps the Department maintain its global stature by supporting student advancement, research and facilities development, and public outreach.
History Development Fund
This fund helps to support student advancement at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and provide students with opportunities to participate in enrichment activities.
Lee Sheridan Legal Education Fund
Your gift to this Fund, set up in honour of Prof Sheridan, the founding Dean of NUS Faculty of Law, will be used to fund visiting professorial appointments, scholarships and bursaries.
LKY School Dean's Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
MBA Alumni-NUS Advancement Fund
A fundraising effort by the MBA Alumni-NUS to help needy students gain international exposure through student exchange programmes.
Medicine ACP Research Fund
The fund supports the Academic Clinical Program (ACP) Medicine in their research and education programs.
NGS Student & Alumni Development Fund
NGS Student & Alumni Development fund will be used to enable the development of the student and alumni body, enabling them to take part in enhancement programs. It will also provide additional source of support for other forms of student needs.
NUS Business School General Purpose Fund
When you make your gifts to the General Purpose Fund at NUS Business School, you are providing an important and powerful source which will be directed to support the most pressing needs at the School. Regular giving towards the General Purpose Fund is an opportunity for you to do the utmost good for a great School.
NUS Business School Scholarships and Student Development Fund
Leadership and academic development for the students in today's global business environment. Your support in the form of scholarships will attract top talents.
NUS Business School Student Global Experience Fund
The fund enables financially challenged students to experience the enriching global classroom through exchange programmes.
NUS Business Student Support Fund
General purpose fund in support of Bursaries, Scholarships and other student activities for business students.
NUS Economics Alumni Fund
The NUS Economics Alumni does not collect subscription fees from its members and relies solely on donations to fund its operations and progammes. Your gifts will enable us to work towards creating increased opportunities for meaningful engagements with our alumni community.
NUS Law Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
NUS Law Student Support Fund
Your gift to this fund will support NUS Law students through bursaries, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid, enabling them to develop to their full potential regardless of financial background. This fund will also be used to support and enhance student learning and student activities. The Dean will have discretion to allocate funds where they are most needed for the greatest benefit of our students.
NUS Medicine GoHelp
NUS Medicine Global Health and Leadership Programme (GoHelp) aims to nurture our students into compassionate and community-responsive individuals, who are equipped with relevant competencies to make a significant and sustainable difference to health outcomes in local or international communities.
NUS Overseas Colleges Fund
Cultivate entrepreneurial spirit by enhancing students' experiences during the year-long immersion in entrepreneurial and academic hubs of the world.
Paediatric Brain Tumour Awareness
The fund supports a group of dedicated Duke-NUS Medical School students' vision to raise awareness, support patients and their families and establish funding to further paediatric brain tumour awareness in Singapore.
Philip Yeo Initiative at NUS Endowed Fund
The PYI is a ground-up movement, administered by NUS Enterprise , to honour Mr Philip Yeo's contributions and to create a platform for him to develop people and talent. The PYI aims to grow the MAD Spirit in the next generation of Singapore leaders.
Pro Bono Group Donation Account
This fund is to provide financial support to the NUS Pro Bono Group. PBG was established in 2005 by a group of students with a passion to serve Singapore with their legal training. Today, it touches hundreds of individuals through its projects and events. Giving to this fund will empower more than two hundred student volunteers to help provide access to justice for people across Singapore.
Programme Innovation Fund
Programme Innovation Development to enrich the student's experience and create differentiators for the school.
Project Dove
Project DOVE (Duke-NUS Overseas Volunteering Expedition) aims to provide health screening and medical education to the underprivileged communities in other countries.
Raffles Hall Production Fund
Fund for Raffles Hall's Annual Signature Production.
RC4 College Fund
The fund will help students to defray the cost of staying at Residential College 4. It is open to students who are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students.
Science Student Overseas Exposure Endowed Fund
To support students on overseas programmes such as exchange programmes, summer programmes, overseas internship and overseas community volunteer programmes.
SDE Development Fund
The SDE Development Fund was created in conjunction with SDE's 50th anniversary celebrations and opening of new building (SDE4) in 2019. The fund will be used to support SDE’s development activities such as to advance and support both staff and student development activities, and to fund the SDE building.
SDE50 Student Development Fund
The SDE50 Student Development Fund is created in conjunction with SDE's 50th anniversary celebrations in 2019. Monies collected for this fund will be used to advance and support undergraduate student development (in financial aid and scholarships) and student activities at the School of Design & Environment.
SMA Medical Students Assistance Fund
The bursary fund will support the living expenses of needy medical students from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and up to 15 eligible medical students.
Social Incubator Programme (EF)
Taking the lead in social enterprise efforts and innovation, FASS' Social Incubator Programme (SIP) is a platform for students (with faculty oversight and advice) to work and co-develop social advancement and social entrepreneurship programmes. The fund acts as a micro-financing and social enterprise fund to which Singapore-registered Charities and students can apply. Founding donor, Normanton Park, hopes to encourage the public and other en blocs to contribute part of their en bloc proceeds to charity. Gifts from individuals and organisations are warmly welcomed.
Social Service Research Development Fund
Your donation to the Social Service Research Development Fund will enable SSR to be more responsive to research requests from non-profit social service organizations, in order to provide expert inputs to evidence-based practice; and capability development of social services.
Sports Fund
The Sports Fund is designed to support our students in their sporting endeavours. Gifts received will go towards areas such as the hosting of sporting events and courses, purchase and maintenance of sporting facilities and equipment, participation of varsity athletes in official competitions and funding of Sports Grants for varsity athletes.
SPS Fund
To support students' activities and provide bursary for students under the Special Programme in Science (SPS).
SSHSPH General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you will enable the School to channel resources to where it is most needed.
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund (Donation)
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund donors help us build bursaries, scholarships as well as funds earmarked for other areas of financial aid for enabling talented, deserving undergraduates and postgraduates, based on merit and financial need, in their pursuit of public health knowledge and efforts to better serve the community
Student Assistance Fund - USP Residence
The Student Assistance Fund - USP Residence helps financially challenged students to be able to live in the USP residential college. USP residential college offers an important component of the students’ integration into USP, and will help students experience the benefits of life in a closely-knit learning community.
Student Programme Fund
Make a gift towards enhancing student experiences at Yale-NUS College, including supporting various programmes and student organisations, which form an integral part of campus life at Yale-NUS.
University Scholars Programme General Purpose Fund
The University Scholars Programme General Purpose Fund enables the USP Director to channel resources to where it is most needed.
University Town Advancement Fund
Transform the way students learn by supporting educational programmes that are studied from both Asian and global perspectives with openness to multi-disciplinary debates and inputs. Small-group discussions, facilitated by fellows from diverse backgrounds, are at the heart of the modules at UTown.
USP International Programmes Award
The USP International Programmes Award, initiated by the Class of 2015, helps financially challenged students to participate in USP international programmes.
World Autism Awareness Week
This fund supports the students of the Duke-NUS' Benjamin Sheares Colleges' goal to help strengthen resources to educate and equip individuals with autism for productive integration into society.
YST Conservatory Development Fund
Inspirational life-affirming music-making is at the heart of who we are and what we do at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. The Conservatory Development Fund ensures YST Conservatory is uniquely world-leading in the contemporary professional music training landscape, by supporting impactful community outreach projects, distinctive faculty projects as well as Conservatory students in ever-expanding educational and global opportunities. Join a loyal group of annual supporters on the Dean's Circle by making gifts of $2000 and above, and enjoy courtesies as members of the Dean's Circle. See for more information.