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Cancer Science Institute of Singapore Fund
Your contribution will be carefully invested to help us deliver ground-breaking research leading to better cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Funds will be channelled to important areas such as clinical trials, research technologies and our graduate program.
Chemical Engineering Development Fund
Chemical Engineering Development Fund
College Endowment Fund (Endowed)
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards the College’s endowment.
College President's Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards a programme where the need is most needed.
Duke-NUS General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
Eusoff Dance Production
The Dance Production is and has been managed entirely by Eusoff Hall residents. Together they put up the whole production which is made up of the administration, sets and crew, wardrobe designers, dancers, choreographers and directors. Each performance is typically performed to a sold-out crowd of over a thousand people and regularly receives excellent feedback and reviews from audience and guests. Eusoff Hall's residents not only get a chance to specialize in their fields of expertise, for example dancing, acting or designing, they also gain an opportunity to learn how to work together in reaching their goal of putting up a good performance. Besides teamwork, residents are encouraged to make use their creativity and their leadership qualities to make the production an outstanding success. They are also taught to actively contribute to the welfare of the less fortunate in society by raising funds and donating net proceeds of their production to the charity.
Eusoff Expeditions
Every summer a team of Eusoffians head to Cambodia to embark on service-learning projects according to the needs of the community such as building basic infrastructures like toilets, houses and kindergarten for the Cambodian villagers. On top of just offering our services to the community, our team members will immerse in a two-way learning experience through interactions with the locals. Throughout the academic year, the team will also engage in local service activities and raise funds for their project.
Eusoff Hall Scholarship
Eusoff Scholarship is awarded to bright and needy students with CAP score of 3.5. Eusoffians with CAP lower than 3.5 but with outstanding performance in Hall contributions and/or extremely dire financial situation may be considered for the scholarship on a case by case basis.
Eusoff Hall Voluntary Corps Fund - Elderly Service
Eusoff Voluntary Corps - Elderly Service a voluntary organization under the umbrella of Eusoff Hall, NUS. Being one of the largest committees in Eusoff Hall, our committee is made up of a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, united by the spirit of volunteerism. The committee's objective is to develop volunteers and help them discover and realize their full potential, and to reach out to the community and benefit the less fortunate in society. Every Saturday, our volunteers deliver food to the elderly at Chin Swee Road and assist them in household chores. During the academic year, festive events such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year are organized for the elderly, many of which have no kinships. Annual, the wing also runs health-check programs and Grant-A-Wish Projects. Our volunteers also provide a pillar of emotional support to the elderly, a listening ear, a caring hand, a warm smile and another heart to share a moment with.
Faculty of Engineering General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
Geography Development Fund
Ranked among the world's top 10, the NUS Department of Geography aims to stay at the forefront of education and research, and impact key areas of tropical environmental change, social and cultural geography, and political and economic geography. This fund helps the Department maintain its global stature by supporting student advancement, research and facilities development, and public outreach.
History Development Fund
This fund helps to support student advancement at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and provide students with opportunities to participate in enrichment activities.
Khoo Teck Puat Advance Surgery Training Centre
Contribute to advances in surgical care and treatment by supporting the cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art training programmes at the Centre.
Lee Sheridan Legal Education Fund
Your gift to this Fund, set up in honour of Prof Sheridan, the founding Dean of NUS Faculty of Law, will be used to fund visiting professorial appointments, scholarships and bursaries.
Library Donation Fund
Giving to the Library Donation Fund will enable the NUS Libraries to put your gifts to immediate use. This fund helps expand the library’s collection and provide innovative services to create a conducive learning environment.
Library Endowment Fund (NUSEF)
Your gift to the Library Endowment Fund will allow the NUS Libraries to acquire relevant library materials, provide innovative services and a conducive learning environment to keep pace with users rapidly changing needs.
LKY School Dean's Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
LKYSPP Class Giving Fund
The LKYSPP Class Giving Fund provides financial assistance to the School's needy students. By giving to this Fund, you play a part to allow deserving students to receive a holistic education.
MBA Facilities Fund
To help improve the facilities commonly used by the MBA students.
MBA Student Development Fund
Enhance the learning experience of MBA students through overseas exposure and other student activities and programmes.
NUS Law Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.
Science Strategic Development Fund
Science Strategic Development Fund provides the Faculty with resources to undertake projects that bring unique and long term benefits to the Faculty. This Fund allows us to do the following: - improve the Faculty’s infrastructure and facilities, for the enhancement of student learning and teaching - spearhead emerging and important areas of scientific research that fall outside regular funding agency focus areas; - facilitate eminent professors, researchers and visiting scientists in their much needed and value-added contributions to NUS and our Faculty - provide scholarships and support for outstanding students - support strategic areas of importance for the development and advancement of the Faculty.
SDE Development Fund
The SDE Development Fund was created in conjunction with SDE's 50th anniversary celebrations and opening of new building (SDE4) in 2019. The fund will be used to support SDE’s development activities such as to advance and support both staff and student development activities, and to fund the SDE building.
Social Service Research Development Fund
Your donation to the Social Service Research Development Fund will enable SSR to be more responsive to research requests from non-profit social service organizations, in order to provide expert inputs to evidence-based practice; and capability development of social services.
Sports Fund
The Sports Fund is designed to support our students in their sporting endeavours. Gifts received will go towards areas such as the hosting of sporting events and courses, purchase and maintenance of sporting facilities and equipment, participation of varsity athletes in official competitions and funding of Sports Grants for varsity athletes.
SSHSPH General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you will enable the School to channel resources to where it is most needed.
University Town Advancement Fund
Transform the way students learn by supporting educational programmes that are studied from both Asian and global perspectives with openness to multi-disciplinary debates and inputs. Small-group discussions, facilitated by fellows from diverse backgrounds, are at the heart of the modules at UTown.