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Annual Giving
*FASS Student Advancement Fund (EF)
In conjunction with our 90th anniversary dinner, the FASS Student Advancement Fund is established to provide financial assistance to financially needy students not eligible for NUS bursaries. The aim is to enable them to participate in NUS educational opportunities outside of the classroom such as student exchanges, overseas study trips and field excursions, or for emergency financial assistance.
*NUS Science Merit Scholarship Endowed
To raise funds for Science Scholarship.
Action For Arts - Centre for the Arts
By making a gift to Action For Arts Fund, you help our students achieve their full potential and realise dreams. Donation received will go towards student development, maintaining the Studios where students can be trained and tutored, maintenance of performing Hall, Theatre and exhibition spaces for our students to perform and display their works. Your giving also supports merit-based arts excellence and encourages our students to be the best that they can be. Your gift will also enable us to continue bringing the arts to the student population and the community, by keeping ticket prices affordable. We run a regular calendar of concerts, dances, arts festivals, film screenings and literary events.
ALCNS Student Bursary
ALCNS Student Bursary
Annual Giving Bursaries
Help students across the University who are in financial need by giving to bursaries.
Annual Giving Scholarships
Gifts go towards providing annual renewable scholarships for outstanding students in the University.
Collectve Bursary
Collectve Bursary
College President's Fund
Make a gift to support Yale-NUS College, Singapore’s first College offering a liberal arts education. Your gift will be channeled towards a programme where the need is most needed.
Duke-NUS Student Financial Aid Fund
Help us build bursaries and scholarships for passionate, talented medical students from humble backgrounds.
Engineering Student Development Fund
Your gift to the Engineering Student Development Fund will help unlock the full potential of every student by enabling them to take part in enhancement programmes – both local as well as overseas. Besides financial assistance, it will also provide additional source of support for other forms of student needs.
FoD Geriatric Oral Health Care Initiatives
This fund provides support for Geriatric Oral Healthcare Initiatives which includes training scholarships for Geriatric Dentistry programme; oral healthcare for the vulnerable elderly; training through service opportunities for dental students to equip them with the knowledge and skills to address the oral health needs of vulnerable older adult population; and research into geriatric dentistry.
LKYSPP Class Giving Fund
The LKYSPP Class Giving Fund provides financial assistance to the School's needy students. By giving to this Fund, you play a part to allow deserving students to receive a holistic education.
Medical Bursary Fund
This fund will support living allowance needs for our underprivileged students and make provisions for those who are facing serious and/or sudden financial crisis.
NGS Student & Alumni Development Fund
NGS Student & Alumni Development fund will be used to enable the development of the student and alumni body, enabling them to take part in enhancement programs. It will also provide additional source of support for other forms of student needs.
NUS Business Student Support Fund
General purpose fund in support of Bursaries, Scholarships and other student activities for business students.
NUS Law Student Support Fund
Your gift to this fund will support NUS Law students through bursaries, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid, enabling them to develop to their full potential regardless of financial background. This fund will also be used to support and enhance student learning and student activities. The Dean will have discretion to allocate funds where they are most needed for the greatest benefit of our students.
Pharmacy 110th Anniversary Endowed Bursary Fund
This is the first endowed fund contributed by pharmacy alumni, staff, students to provide a sustainable source of bursaries to support our financially needy students. It aims to mark our 110 years of stellar achievements in pharmacy education in a meaningful way and renews our commitment to provide a transformative and fulfilling educational experience to our students.
SDE Development Fund
The SDE Development Fund was created in conjunction with SDE's 50th anniversary celebrations and opening of new building (SDE4) in 2019. The fund will be used to support SDE’s development activities such as to advance and support both staff and student development activities, and to fund the SDE building.
SoC Pay-It-Forward Endowed Bursary
The SoC Pay-It-Forward Bursary was established by a group of alumni and long-serving faculty members of the School of Computing (SoC). The bursary is awarded to needy full-time undergraduates from the School of Computing from Academic Year 2013/14.
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund (Donation)
SSHSPH Help-A-Student Fund donors help us build bursaries, scholarships as well as funds earmarked for other areas of financial aid for enabling talented, deserving undergraduates and postgraduates, based on merit and financial need, in their pursuit of public health knowledge and efforts to better serve the community
University Town Advancement Fund
Transform the way students learn by supporting educational programmes that are studied from both Asian and global perspectives with openness to multi-disciplinary debates and inputs. Small-group discussions, facilitated by fellows from diverse backgrounds, are at the heart of the modules at UTown.
YST Conservatory Development Fund
Inspirational life-affirming music-making is at the heart of who we are and what we do at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. The Conservatory Development Fund ensures YST Conservatory is uniquely world-leading in the contemporary professional music training landscape, by supporting impactful community outreach projects, distinctive faculty projects as well as Conservatory students in ever-expanding educational and global opportunities. Join a loyal group of annual supporters on the Dean's Circle by making gifts of $2000 and above, and enjoy courtesies as members of the Dean's Circle. See for more information.