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Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
"Giving to the Next Generation" Project
This project aims to raise funds for our underprivileged students with the larger goal of nurturing the next generation of capable and compassionate doctors. Income from this endowed fund will go towards subsidizing their tuition fees.
Abu Rauff Professorship In Surgery (Endowed)
This endowed Professorship seeks to accelerate the development of surgical expertise through education and mentorship of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as through translational research, to deliver better, safer and more affordable healthcare to the Singapore community and beyond.
ALCNS Student Bursary
ALCNS Student Bursary
Allan Ooi Memorial Bursary EF
Allan Ooi Memorial Bursary EF
Breast Cancer Research Fund
Contributing to this fund will enable us to continue in some of our current research work, mainly in the areas of epidemiology, risk prediction and genetic susceptibility in Asian populations. This will help us understand the disease better and therefore therapies can be enhanced.
Chia Boon Lock Memorial Fund EF
This fund aims to honour the legacy of Emeritus Prof Chia Boon Lock, an outstanding teacher, mentor and respected member of the medical community. He is known as Singapore’s “Father of Cardiology” for his pioneering work in the field. The fund was set up by his peers, colleagues and ex-students to honour his passionately held beliefs about the practice of medicine and medical education.
Childhood Kidney Disease Research
This fund supports paediatric kidney disease research at NUS Medicine. The research aims to identify the optimal treatment for children with kidney disease, and to help babies in families genetically predisposed to the disease to be born free of it.
Class of 2020 Parents Fund Bursary
The bursary was set up by the parents of Class of 2020 to help financially needy students.
Class of 2021 Parents Fund Bursary
The bursary was set up by the parents of Class of 2021 to help financially needy students.
Class of 2023 Parents Fund Bursary
The Class of 2023 Parents Fund Bursary is supported by the parents of the students from the MBBS Class of 2023. It will be used to support underprivileged medical undergraduates. Undisbursed funds by the end of Commencement 2023 will be used to seed fund and initiate the MBBS Class of 2023 Bursary.
Dementia Prevention Programme Fund
This fund supports the Dementia Prevention Programme conducted by the NUS Mind-Science Centre at the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.
Department of Pharmacology General Donation Fund
Pharmacology is a vital branch of medical science which studies how drugs work, and our department has been at the forefront of pharmacology education and research using cutting-edge platforms and technologies. Your donation will help us develop more effective teaching tools for medical, dental, nursing and other allied health students, as well as provide collaborative platforms to facilitate research and drug discovery.
Department of Surgery General Donation Fund
Research into better surgical approaches needs your support more than ever; as we face a rapidly ageing population and new complicated illnesses afflict the people around us. Your contribution will go a long way to bring about pioneering surgical techniques and technology, as well as support surgical training for improved treatments.
Khoo Teck Puat Advance Surgery Training Centre
Contribute to advances in surgical care and treatment by supporting the cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art training programmes at the Centre.
Lim Lian Hock Medical Bursary
Adj Asst/Prof (Dr) Lim Hong Shen (MBBS’2014) founded the Lim Lian Hock Medical Bursary in 2019 to support students in need of financial assistance. The Bursary is in honour of his father who was the Chinese Cooked Food stall owner in the previous Frontier Canteen at NUS Science Faculty. It is an appreciation of the efforts he made to ensure his children received education without financial worry.
MBBS Class of 1967 Bursary (Endowed)
The bursary was established by the Class of 1967 to help needy medical students at NUS Medicine.
MBBS Class of 1988 Bursary EF
The bursary was set up by the MBBS Class of 1988 to celebrate their 30th anniversary and help financially needy students.
MBBS Class of 1991 Bursary (Endowed)
The bursary was set up by the Class of 1991 to help financially needy students.
MBBS Class of 1997 (Endowed)
The bursary was established by the Class of 1997 to help financially disadvantaged medical undergraduates.
MBBS Class of 2000 Bursary
The bursary was established by the Class of 2000 to help financially disadvantaged medical undergraduates.
MBBS Class of 2016 Bursary
The bursary was set up by the Class of 2016 to help financially needy students.
The bursary was setup by the Class of 2017 to help financially needy students.
MBBS Class of 2018 Bursary
The bursary was set up by MBBS Class of 2018 to commemorate their graduation and help financially needy students.
MBBS Class of 2019 Bursary
The bursary is set up by the MBBS Class of 2019 to commemorate their graduation, and help financially needy students.
Medical Bursary Fund
This fund will support living allowance needs for our underprivileged students and make provisions for those who are facing serious and/or sudden financial crisis.
Myeloma Cancer Research Fund
The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine is the beneficiary for Sylvia McCully School of Dancing’s 2014 annual performance. Proceeds from the event will benefit Myeloma Cancer research.
NUS Medical Society - Christine Chong Hui Xian Bursary
In memory of the late Christine Chong Hui Xian (Class of 2012) who passed away in December 2009 after a long drawn battle with lymphoma. This endowed bursary was established to help the financially needy medical undergraduates.
NUS Medicine Class of 95 Bursary
The bursary was set up by the Class of 1995 in order to help financially needy students.
NUS Medicine CoGive19 Pandemic Fund
1)Support researches in infectious diseases (such as but not limited to Covid-19) 2)Support seminars, training, workshops related to infectious diseases 3)Ad hoc student aid for medical and nursing undergraduates
NUS Medicine GoHelp
NUS Medicine Global Health and Leadership Programme (GoHelp) aims to nurture our students into compassionate and community-responsive individuals, who are equipped with relevant competencies to make a significant and sustainable difference to health outcomes in local or international communities.
NUS Medicine Professorships and Fellowships
This fund allows NUS Medicine to bring in researchers from around the world and to initiate groundbreaking research.
NUS Medicine Research Fund
This fund is established to support NUS Medicine's research programmes.
NUS Mind-Science Centre
This fund was established to support the NUS Mind-Science Centre. The Centre takes a non-drug approach to mental health interventions to benefit society through evidenced-based research, translational programmes and community training workshops.
NUS'98 MedFac Bursary (Endowed)
This bursary was established by the NUS Medicine Class of 1998 in celebration of its 20th year post graduation. It aims to support NUS medical undergraduates who require financial assistance.
Oon Chiew Seng Professorship in Medicine, Healthy Ageing and Dementia Research
The chaired professorship fund was established to honour one of NUS Medicine's distinguished alumni, Dr Oon Chiew Seng for her tireless service to the community and her contributions to the advancement of research in the disease and dementia care for the aged in Singapore, as well as her work in the development of new approaches to long-term care of elderly with Alzheimer's disease.
Paediatrics Oncology - NIC
NIC Art for Kids with Cancer charity donation drive to raise funds in support of NUS Medicine’s effort to improve childhood cancer cure rates through education and research.
Project Dreamcatchers
Project Dreamcatchers, established in 2011, aims to help every youth with a childhood chronic illness, to be empowered to lead engaging lives.
R Kanagasuntheram Bursary
This Bursary will provide living allowances to medical and dentistry students who are in their first year of undergraduate studies.
SMA Medical Students Assistance Fund
The bursary fund will support the living expenses of needy medical students from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and up to 15 eligible medical students.
Wee Sin Tho Memorial Fund
A memorial fund in honour of the late Mr Wee Sin Tho, Founding Chairman of Mind Science Centre (MSC). At its heart, the Wee Sin Tho Memorial Fund supports four key areas. Namely, forging early childhood resilience, helping seniors age well, Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab), Mind Gym and sustainable administration of Mind Science Centre. Your gift will enable us to persevere in the discovery of new knowledge and co-create solutions with community partners to enhance Singaporeans’ resilience for years to come.
Wong Niap Leng Medical Bursary
This bursary is in honour of retired canteen operator, Mr Wong Niap Leng, who used to help financially needy medical undergraduates until his canteen closed in 1983.
YLLSOM General Purpose Fund
By giving to this fund, you enable the Dean to channel resources to where it is most needed.