Global Studies (GL) Plans Submission

GL Study Plans
Unlike most FASS majors, Global Studies requires students to submit a Study Plan. This is partly due to the relatively complex requirements of the major. But mostly, it is because Global Studies is interdisciplinary, which may pose challenges to GL majors that are not encountered by students in more established disciplines. Therefore, this plan should be given some thought, and you should take your time in crafting it before submission.

The purpose of the Study Plan is to help GL faculty see that you have an intellectually grounded, goal-driven plan of action for your time at NUS. Thus, what we need from you is an intellectual justification for your choices of Theme, Region and Language. Of course, you should not ignore practical considerations (for example, perhaps your chosen language is not going well and you would like to switch to another to improve your CAP). However, even when your choices are grounded in practical considerations, please do your best to provide an intellectual grounding for your (new) choices. What is appealing to you about your new choice? What possibilities does it open up for your learning? And how does your choice relate to your larger goals? As a Study Plan, the implication is that you are planning for something. Please provide some information about your short-, mid-, and long-term goals and how your choices of Theme, Region, and Language will help you meet those goals. If you wish to study abroad, tell us where and why. Perhaps you wish to work in government someday; tell us how your choices will help you meet that goal. Perhaps you would like to be a journalist; why and how does the GL major help you reach that goal? You don’t have to write a book, but an indication of your goals helps the GL faculty make informed decisions and can improve advising.

Unhelpful Study Plans, which are always rejected on the first submission, are those that simply declare your choice of Theme, Region, and Language.

When submitting your Study Plan, please keep in mind that these are reviewed by GL faculty, and the submission system does not provide faculty members access to your complete student record. Thus, your Study Plan should contain all relevant information within the body of the text that you wish to communicate. For example, if you have already completed 8 MCs of a language, but you are requesting to change to another, provide the relevant details within your Study Plan submission – otherwise the faculty member will have to respond and ask for details.
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