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Company: Partners Group AG
Location: Singapore
Industry: Finance
Job Description:

In this Singapore-based role within our Financials, Education and Business Services (FEBS) vertical, you will support pre-acquisition due diligence workstreams and work with management teams to grow our portfolio companies post-acquisition. Through assessing potential investment opportunities, identifying operational value creation opportunities and supporting execution on stated plans and metrics, you will be a key member of the global FEBS team. In addition to post-acquisition growth, you will also be responsible for sourcing and assessing potential transactions alongside our global investment teams.

Summary core responsibilities:
- Investment analysis: Perform quantitative and qualitative due diligence on potential investments on both equity and debt opportunities within the vertical coverage.
- Monitoring and valuation: Across the global FEBS portfolio of over 50 debt and equity investments, ensure timely, accurate monitoring and manage the reporting of operational value creation projects in our FEBS direct equity lead portfolio.
- Value creation: Support operational work on our FEBS portfolio with focus on the Asia direct investment portfolio.

Duties include (but are not limited to):
- Support pre-acquisition due diligence work-streams
- Assist in industry research and analysis and preparation of internal investment committee documents
- Participate in meetings with prospective target companies and external service providers
- Support senior team members on various tasks related to product reporting, investment monitoring, marketing and other adhoc project work
- Support various tasks including IVC team projects and collaboration across the various asset classes in the Partners Group platform

Job Type: Perm
Salary range: not specified  

Email:not specified
Tel: not specified

Application instructions:

Apply and attention to Crystal Lim via the URL:

Posted by: Gano Admin
Date approved: January 10, 2018
Validity time: From January 10, 2018 To February 9, 2018

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