Database and Web Applications

School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE)

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Students should: a) be able to model a given data requirements as relational tables, in 3rd normal form; b) be able to express data queries in SQL; c) be able to develop Web front end with simple CRUD operations to backend databases using a popular Web application framework and; d) be aware of common security risks when develop Web applications (e.g., SQL injections) and ways to prevent them.

Who Should Attend

Entry-level jobs eg. Application Programmer, Rich Internet Application (RIA) Developer, Test Engineer, Application Support Analyst, Associate Security Engineer, Information Security Officer, Associate Security Administrator, Associate Network Security Administrator, Associate Database Administrator, Associate Information Security Consultant, Associate Digital Forensic Investigator, Associate IS Auditor.

Entry Requirements

Able to design and implement simple algorithms based on arrays, structs, branches, and loops, to model and solve problems, construct a larger piece of programme from smaller components (libraries/modules), understand common searching and sorting algorithms work, properties and correctness of programmes, appreciate the importance of information hiding and abstractions, understand the essence of OO paradigm and its manifestation in a modern OOP language, and be competent with commonly used tools and good practices of programming.

Class Schedule

Friday (6.30PM - 9.30 PM)

Tutorial Schedule

Same Day as Lecture

Lesson Delivery

1. Facilitated Learning - 39 hours; 2. Project - 39 hours; 3. Assessment - 2 hours.

Full Fees (before GST)


Nett Fees payable after SSG Funding

International Participant Singapore Citizen 39 years old or younger Singapore Citizen 40 years or older eligible for MCES Singaporean PRs Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Full Programme Fee S$4200.00 S$4200.00 S$4200.00 S$4200.00 S$4200.00
SSG Funding *
Eligible for Claim Period 1 Jul 2021 to 30 June 2024
- (S$2940.00) (S$2940.00) (S$2940.00) (S$2940.00)
Nett Programme Fee S$4200.00 S$1260.00 S$1260.00 S$1260.00 S$1260.00
7% GST on Nett Programme Fee S$294.00 S$88.20 S$88.20 S$88.20 S$88.20
Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Incl. GST S$4494.00 S$1348.20 S$1348.20 S$1348.20 S$1348.20
Less Additional Funding if Eligible Under Various Scheme - - (S$840.00) - (S$840.00)
Total Nett Programme Fee, Incl. GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes S$4494.00 S$1348.20 S$508.20 S$1348.20 S$508.20

* : Learners must fulfill at least 75% attendance and pass all assessment components, to be eligible for SSG funding.

TIC2601 (TGS-2020502071)

Funding Type
SSG Funding

Modular Course


Graded Only

Area of Interest
Software Engineering & Cybersecurity