Introduction to Total Workplace Safety and Health(Synchronous e-learning)

Saw Swee Hock School Public Health (SPH)

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Total WSH is the Singapore framework to promote worker safety, occupational health, and wellness. It is an evolution of the traditional view that worker health is only about safety at the workplace. The framework encourages companies to view worker health holistically and provides guidance on the assessment of worker’s Total WSH needs, as well as the implementation of intervention or preventive programmes. This course allows participants to deepen participants’ knowledge of Total WSH and to utilise the basic implementation considerations in employing the tools of the Singapore Assessment-Intervention-Monitoring & Evaluation (A-I-ME) methodology as part of the Total WSH framework, for the workplace. At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 1. Describe the Total WSH Framework and how it relates to the practice of worker safety, occupational health, and well-being in the workplace. 2. Employ the A-I-ME framework to implement Total WSH at the workplace.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are seeking to have a better understanding of Singapore’s Total WSH framework and to implement Total WSH at the workplace. Examples would include HR personnel, executives, line managers, safety personnel or members of an employee well-being committee.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Interest in public health related work
  • Candidates with other qualifications and experience may be considered on a case by case basis, subject to approval

Class Schedule

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Lesson Delivery

a) e-Learning: 6 hours b) Assessment: 1 hour

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SPH-TWSH-01 (TGS-2020507635)

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