Biometric Authentication

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Biometrics (such as fingerprint, iris images) are commonly used for authentication. This module covers authentication methods, different types of biometrics, pattern recognition, performance measurement, spoofing attacks, as well as issues such as privacy, user acceptance, and standards compliance. Students will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the technology underlying biometric authentication, and the key issues to be addressed for successful deployment. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of biometrics authentication will be discussed.

Who Should Attend

Expert / Specialist in Emerging Technologies, IT Services, Communcations and Networks, Software and Applications. Matching job roles include Application Development Manager, Application/Solution Architect, Information / Database Architect, Integration Architect, Cloud Development / Operations Manager, Network Operations / Planning Manager, Business Analyst, Cloud Infrastructure / Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Database / Systems Administrator, Software Engineer, Network Architect / Engineer.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor's degree in computing

Class Schedule

Friday (6.30 PM - 8.30 PM)

Lesson Delivery

1) Facilitated Learning - 26 hours; 2) Assessment - 2 hours.

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SkillsFuture SG

Modular Course


Graded only

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Computing & Tech Services