Mass Media Translation

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS)

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The course is structured on an intensive basis with lectures, seminars, group projects/presentations and individual assignments. The course is essentially practical which aims to train students to become professional media translators by reinforcing the skills and techniques required of their translations of different media text‐types into Chinese‐English and vice versa. Students will learn from regular exercises in translating a wide variety of print and electronic media texts and representative material selected from international news syndicates, regional newspaper, televisions, advertisements and websites.

Who Should Attend

Language Translators; Market Analysts ; Market Development Managers ; New Product Development Specialists ; Business Analysts ; Business Development Managers

Entry Requirements

CL2280 or CL2281

Class Schedule

Monday (9.00 AM - 12.00 PM)

Tutorial Schedule

Same day as lecture

Lesson Delivery

a) Lecture - 2 hours b) Tutorial - 1 hours c) Project - 2 hours d) Preparation - 5 hours

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Nett Fees payable after SSG Funding

Not applicable


Funding Type
NUS Alumni e-Voucher

NUS Alumni Only

Modular Course


Graded only

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