Digital Marketing Workshop


Funding Type SSG Funded
Stackable To An Academic Qualification? No
Name of Full Academic Qualification NA
Category Business & Management
Audit/Graded Graded only
MC Not Applicable
Final Exam Not Applicable


With the goal of making you more effective in developing and executing digital marketing strategies, this workshop will help you: • Perceive how the internet has transformed the way brands engage with consumers, and appreciate the new rules and perspectives; • Understand how to adapt; • Embrace the tools and techniques required to succeed in the new media environment; • Learn to develop and execute digital marketing plans, including aspects such as website building and optimization, development of content scheme, use of social media, advertising, conversion and nurturing leads, and tracking and monitoring; • Learn the fundamentals and vital concepts of advertising and communication. Gain a sense of how advertising works, and what mechanisms work best for different marketing objectives; • Learn how to assess and evaluate the performance of digital marketing campaigns through behavioural and attitudinal engagement metrics and measures, and make use of a broad spectrum of digital and consumer analytic tools and techniques; • Gain an understanding of how analytic techniques and research processes are being refined and re-engineered, in the multi-media environment of marketing and advertising.

Who Should Attend

Given its focus on the practice of digital marketing, the workshop is tailored to the needs of digital marketing, marketing and advertising Professionals, across both consumer and business markets. It is also useful for Professionals in other functional areas who need to adapt as their organizations embrace digital marketing.

Entry Requirements

No minimum criterion.

Class Schedule

Lesson Delivery

a) Facilitated Learning - 12 hrs; b) Assessment - 3 hrs.

Full Fees (before GST)


Fees and Fundings

International Participant Singapore Citizen 39 years old or younger Singapore Citizen 40 years or older eligible for MCES Singaporean PRs Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Full Programme Fee S$2000.00 S$2000.00 S$2000.00 S$2000.00 S$2000.00
SkillsFuture Funding Eligible for Claim Period (19 Oct 2017 to 30 Sep 2020) - (S$1400.00) (S$1400.00) (S$1400.00) (S$1400.00)
Nett Programme Fee S$2000.00 S$600.00 S$600.00 S$600.00 S$600.00
7% GST on Nett Programme Fee S$140.00 S$42.00 S$42.00 S$42.00 S$42.00
Total Nett Programme Fee Payable, Incl. GST S$2140.00 S$642.00 S$642.00 S$642.00 S$642.00
Less Additional Funding if Eligible Under Various Scheme - - (S$400.00) - (S$400.00)
Total Nett Programme Fee, Incl. GST, after additional funding from the various funding schemes S$2140.00 S$642.00 S$242.00 S$642.00 S$242.00

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